A 501(c)(3) organization, Arquitina is a professional leadership and licensure initiative for Latinas in the field of Architecture. As women we represent 20% of licensed architects in the US. As Latinas we are less than 1%. We are multicultural Latinas proudly contributing to the profession as architects, engineers, planners, construction managers, and sustainability professionals.

Our Mission

The Arquitina mission is to reach above and beyond the 1% mark of licensed Latina architects in the United States while creating equitable and inclusive opportunities in the architectural profession.

NCARB By the Numbers 2021

Why the disparity?

Women of color experience lack of recognition and representation both in academia and professional practice, which affects career trajectory. While close to 50% of women are earning degrees in Architecture and earn licensing requirements 1.2 times sooner than men, women only represent about 17% of firm principals and/or partners. A 2020 NCARB report shows that non-white candidates are 31% more likely to fall off the path of licensure. This is due to disparity in wages, promotions and recognition.

What will help candidates stay on track for licensure and career advancement opportunities?


NCARB By The Numbers 2020

Inclusive work policies

Recognition and Promotions

Equity in Architecture 2018

Equal Pay